Helpful Links

AAEP Parasite Control Recommendations for Horses
Annual deworming recommendations for horses

AKC List of Dog Breeds
Wanting to learn more about a specific breed? Look no further!

CAPC Heartworm Prevalence Map
Take a look at this map regarding the prevalence of Heartworms across the U.S. Can you find Parker County on the map?

Cat Breeds
Check out this list of different cat breeds.

Dog Food Advisor - Where does your pet's food rank?
Curious on how your pet's food ranks? Thinking about switching foods? Here's a great resource for comparing diets.

Horse Owner Emergency & Disaster Preparedness
Every horse owner should be prepared in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.

Pet Poison Helpline
Did you pet eat something you aren't sure is poisonous to them or not? Call the Pet Poison Helpline for assistance.

Vaccines Guidelines for Horses
AAEP Vaccine Guidelines

Veterinary Terms
Did your veterinarian use a word you don't quite understand? Look it up in this glossary of veterinary terms.

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